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Originally Posted by txpitdog View Post
Hereís my theory on it. Back then, exotics were much cheaper because it wasnít that popular. $500-$750 for an axis or fallow. A guy could buy livestock and let them get hunted and buy more here and there as needed. Lower hunting interest enabled some of the livestock to breed before being killed by customers. Not too terribly difficult to offer a decent hunt and still get by on those prices with the other ranch management and maintenance costs.

Then it became popular, and the price of livestock skyrocketed. Now, the ranch had to recover their cost on the animal and buy more to keep up with the interest. Animals are shot out before they can breed so they are basically bought to be killed. This exacerbates the price, which takes some day ranches out by itself. Others fall as the sustained need for sourcing high turnover livestock becomes a full time job itself in addition to the ranch management. More ranches fall as customers expectations increase with the sharply increased hunting prices. For $500-$750, folks are a lot more forgiving than they are at $3000.

The happy medium, equilibrium point, is to manage a herd and only sell the number of hunts that the herd can sustain to stay stable. But this approach doesnít offer enough hunts for a small ranch to survive, and the exotics hunts almost would have to take a back seat to some other purpose for the ranch.

I think the exotic prices have hit a point where some people seriously question whether itís worth it. I donít predict that prices will come back down necessarily, but I think they have hit their critical point.
I think the point is solid in theory but you can go to any auctions at all youíll see the price of livestock has actually gone down . I guess this is due to supply being more available . You can get Axis does for $150 and donít even mention WT breeder bucks they are a dime a dozen . Do yíall remember when 200Ē typical deer was the holy grail ? You could not buy one if you traded your soul now you can buy them on every corner. I think Buff nailed it .. business entertainment sustained it was a write off so people were apt to jump on board.
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