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here ya go, a quick note from Rob,
it all seems good so far...

If anyone is waiting to pull the trigger on a purchase one way or another based on the 6 hours I spent at Spike's and the one day and 1k rounds I spent with a sample of one of their guns, don't. I don't merit that kind of control over anybody's purchases.

We shot just at 1k rounds on Saturday, 660 Wolf, about 250 XM193, and about 90 Black Hills 75 grain blue box. I'll post more about this as I correspond more with Spike's.

If you are concerned that they are using DPMS LPKs, don't be. If you are concerned that they are using imported junk bolts or other parts, don't be. If you suspect that a lot of the parts Spike's is using are the same ones that many of the respected brands are using, you are probably right.

I am writing an article on my visit and the rifle for Black Guns magazine so I need to be careful not to "scoop" myself. I will say this though, in the $1k and under market Spike's would be my first choice, albeit without the spider logo. The good news is that EVERY gun is built to order when the order comes in so you can get it how you want it provided they have or can get the parts you want.

In general I was very impressed with Tom and his staff.
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