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Originally Posted by dmack View Post
There is a correct way to shoot the release. That might be your issue. Plus your tune was just to get you started and on the plate. How does the bow hold? What’s your float pattern like? All of these can cause issues.

Originally Posted by dmack View Post
And also what is spread out? Be realistic with yourself. You just need to stay in the pie plate. Most people are not touching arrows at thirty yards. It takes lots of practice and a good mental shot to group tight consistently.
I honestly do feel like I'm shooting it wrong, it just has a lot of give before the arrow flies and trying to hurry through that I think makes me pull my shots. My float pattern I've been trying is a figure 8 pattern, and what do you mean by how it holds? Also I feel like I really have to pull against the back wall to get my shots up where the sight pin is, which I feel makes my shots less steady

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