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Awesome! Only thing I am hot on is removing weight, I love my Larue, but man I hate a heavy gun, my 16" and SBR's all stay with lightweight rail systems. KAC Ras M4 or Magpul MOE handguards with Ergo rails.

My 6.8 is going with a Magpul MOE middy handguard.
Kind of annoyed though, my spikes build is 4 weeks out!! Grr!

I'm starting my M40A3 build now as well!

After that is a M40A3 in 300 win, and a target .22

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I have a 6.8SPC Spr..... 18" wilson combat barrel, fluted, stainless steel, AAC mount. Using a Spikes Tactical lower and an UBR stock. Sucker is heavy! But fun.

Next will be an M4gery.... an A2 w/ no optics for Appleseed and just plain rifle marksmanship training for anybody who wants to learn.

And last, which won't happen until next year, will be a 6.8 SBR 10.5", with matching 5.56 upper.

Favorite things: Magpul Pmags, CTR, Enhanced triggers, and ranger plates. I dream in FDE.... I want a UDE colored OBR

Needless to say, I have expensive tastes.... Oh.... and I got to hold an SR15 and an LWRC REPR this weekend. I'm in love!


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