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I have taken a couple of nice deer out there too. My sons first was out there. Been hunting out there for 9 years. Just now starting to figure out where the real good spots are the last few years. The hogs went around me, stayed on the private land and the deer crossed in front of me way up by the road. Sneaky jokers. I was just curious if no one wanted to share what we have out there. I do not mind keeping it quiet if thatís what you peeps want to do. I love that place up there for some reason. Better than any other I hunt. Looking for a place to buy up that way.

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I am normally fine with telling people that I hunt up there. They way I figure it is if they are willing to put the work in to get the spots I hunt they are more then welcome. I do the same with LBJ. You won't catch me saying unit numbers but more then happy to tell you I hunt there. Sometimes I might even point someone in the right direction to get started if they are nice enough. Public hunters have always been pretty hush hush about their spots though and understandably so. Just this season I had a nice spot picked out on LBJ until someone posted the unit number and trail cam pics of what they found 2 weeks prior to bow opener. When I checked my cameras a few days before opener all I had were a few nocturnal does and a ton of pics different hunters. Glad I didn't have all my eggs in one basket as there were 14 trucks parked around that unit opening day and it isn't that big.
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