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Default Indian Reservation Question

Hereís a really good question that hopefully some of you with experience can answer. With me being white I do realize that this could potentially put me in danger. Not saying Iíve made an agreement already. Right now Iím just hearing them out. I was contacted by a representative of a reservation about doing some work for them. This is something that wonít even be considered without knowing everything that I can possibly know up front.

Iíve heard stories of white guys being drug before the Indian council to make a show of things. And to teach them a lesson on Indian ways. One person said sometimes depending on circumstances you may not be so lucky to even get before a council. Now these stories had more to do with white hunters on a reservation. I sure donít want to the recipient of their violence and hatred just because Iím white. Right now Iím still just trying to learn what to expect with this work. So many unknowns.
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