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Originally Posted by Take Dead Aim View Post
Becuase say you have 10 does standing there ready to breed. How many does get breed by the 130, 140 and 150" deer? If you don't have the 130 and 140 they all get breed by the 150. In this example we are talking same age class. I'm not discrediting the podcast or any research being done but I know a 3000 acre low fence place just outside of Brady that has been leased for 25 years and they cull heavily. They also shoot 160 to 170 inch deer regularly. Every few years they shoot a 180 to 190 inch deer. Not saying it's only from culling as they feed protein heavy too but there aren't a bunch smaller deer eating and breeding.

Does have also been known to disperse, as bucks will during the rut, to find more readily available mates. If you have 10 does ready to breed and only one big mature buck there’s a good chance he won’t breed all of those does. Even if he does, the smaller bucks will still get a piece of that action in which case who knows what deer will sire the off spring.

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