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we don't consider a buck for killing until he reaches 5+. and many times, we choose the lower scoring deer in an attempt for population control more than trying to change genetics. If we can keep the competition for food down, the deer that remain should be less stressed and will hopefully continue to express their full genetic potential. This yield has led some to believe the are improving the genetic composition, which isn't really true. if they were to stop shooting these deer, allowing their mouths to impact the range conditions, they would see the average score of their top end deer drop in addition to routinely seeing these lower scoring deer they arent shooting, and it would remain that way into the future until the numbers of mouths returns to below a level that the habitat can really support without stress.

All that to say I dont believe culling changes the genetic profile of your ranch in a low fence setting, but if done properly it does improve your remaining deer's ability to show their full potential by lowering stress and competition.
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