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Originally Posted by Mudslinger View Post
Why would this sight be illegal in some states? It does not project any beam and it works basically like a range finder and as far as i now those are legal pretty much everywhere.

I just received my Garmin A1 this past Friday. It was mounted on a bow and shot at an indoor range and then taken off. It was expensive, but not nearly the cost of a new one. $650 was the reason I bought it. Will probably wait until after the season to get it on my bow and sighted in.
Do a little research, there are states that do not allow the scope technology that takes range, wind, temp etc into account and then "adjust" so you put the dot/crosshairs on something and pull the trigger.
These bow sights are very similar so I am not surprised that they are not legal in some places.

I wonder how many idiots will buy one and have no business shooting past 20yds, but because they have a fancy sight will take shots at 50 (or further) because the sight will give them a "pin" that they just need to hold on the critter and let fly?
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