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Originally Posted by KingsX View Post
Now I know where your lease is . I know where all the big deer yall have seen are at......High fenced Breeder owns that property next to ya right? How many Big deer have you actually seen on your lease itself? I wouldn't hunt Public land if I had a lease if I was you....why do you? Just curious! I leased the property across from yours a few years "From the Mc Gowans" back behind Town&Country......some big deer for sure over there.
Yep thats it! Been over on the Public Land a few times now because we had to turn our feeders of this week due to Cal's cows destroying our pens and running all the deer off ON TO the public land. The cows HAVE wandered off except one bull thats stuck around and we have noticed ALOT more deer coming back during the daylight hours. I ran into a HUGE buck walking back to my truck to get some more Gatorade before sitting down for the evening sit at around 4pm, dang!
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