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Originally Posted by SabineHunter View Post
AC, that is completely stupid math manipulation. This is why kids have trouble with math, taking a one step problem and making it a 3 step.

First, make 20 into two values, 10 and 10. Then, subtract 9 from one of the 10s leaving 1. Now, add 1 to the other 10 and you get 11. Completely assine and schools should be embarrassed for this type of BS.

So in order for a 7 year old to learn simple subtraction. They have to learn how to divide the first number by 2 then start solving the problem? Who came up with this mess? I don’t even know how to help him because it seems so unnecessarily complicated to solve it the way the book shows.

What was wrong with the old school way?

What if it’s 21-9?

10.5 and 10.5?

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