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Thanks fellows. 31" shafts and a bit more than 32" from nock groove to tip with target inserts.. Long arrows move point on closer is part of the short point on distance. Rest of it is me doing something odd...

I will get my wife to video my shooting and check form. I wonder if I am really anchoring higher than I realize.. I realize now, speaking of it, that I have not consciously thought of it in years...

I have a couple instructors at our range, they haven't mentioned any issues with me dropping arm excessively, etc. Will ask for their input.

I specifically checked dropping recently as I was helping a young fellow who was "throwing" the bow after shots, said "watch my arm after shot, push to target with heel of hand, dont let bow push to side, etc." and did not see issue.

Will see how it goes this weekend and report back, thanks for thinking with me.
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