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Here is the thing there will always be those that love single pin and those that don't. I wanted to love single pin for a few reasons 1) no clutter (due to this increased awareness of surroundings) 2) always pin point accurate if target is ranged properly. Now I bought an HHA due to these two things but ultimately went to the TR react 5 sight and here is why. There is already to much that I am concerned with while up in a tree stand than to adjust my sights. Then some may argue well put it on 25-30 and aim high or low of the animal (well there goes the pin point accuracy explained in 2). I gave it an entire season of trying it out I just didn't enjoy it. Not saying its not a nice sight its actually awesome! If I was hunting out of a blind maybe I would change my mind but I like the versatility of a 5 pin and knowing if the deer moves you can always change your pin with almost no noticeable movement. Now if your a one pin guy I say buy it without a doubt because trophy ridge and Bear Archery are really stepping up their game its amazing I had a bow tech and switched to the Bear Empire after shooting all the big name bows. I found the Empire to shoot the nicest (for me). Bowhunting is so personal its just finding what helps you fill your freezer no matter what others think.
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