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Default Ashley a SCAM

I know there was a thread about Ashley Furniture recently, which reminded me to post on here about an experience today.

Furniture for the past year has been pretty hard to find and/or get delivered. My parents are fixing up a newly remodeled place in Rockport that they are going to use for short term rentals. They bought one piece of furniture from Ashleys which was a Tv/Sofa table. After a few weeks they delivered it yesterday. They brought it inside, unpacked it, and my mom noticed that it was not the one she ordered. It also had a big chunk missing from the front corner and one of the braces was to long which made the table uneven and severely wobble. She told the movers she didn't want to accept it and that they needed to take it back. The movers told her, that they couldn't load it back on the truck and she had to go to the store so they could pick it up and make things right.

Today she went to the store and eventually talked to the corporate "service" rep. A few things the rep told her include "Ashley has a policy that they dont accept furniture once it has been brought into the location" they also argued that it was the table she had ordered. Even tried blaming the flooring in the house as being uneven and thats what caused the table to wobble. They also claim that they have a 30% restocking fee for all furniture no matter why it was returned. They told her that she could not get a refund or store credit and that a "tech" would be sent out. The best part is that they said its against "store policy to share any of this on social media or talk to any customers inside of the store". The corporate lady also said "she notified the store security" and that "she was not allowed at any Ashley furniture again". The sales rep also claimed that if my mom notified the BBB or posted on social media, that Ashley would notify their attorneys and thats not something she wanted to do. (she has all of this on video recording)

I told my mom that they probably get alot of phone calls about crappy furniture and thats why they have some women like her working the phones instead of somebody who is nice and professional. They know they are running a scam and have Debit collector types working the phones as gate keepers.

I know they are a scam and offer subpar stuff, one piece of furniture is all it took.

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