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Originally Posted by Deers & Beers View Post
There really are hardly any aoudad out there at all. I've heard of 2 being taken in the past 7-8 years.

Mouflon are usually AWOL after opening week then slowly return as the crowds thin..

I've killed 2 in the last 4 years, and that should be 4 if I wasn't an idiot.

Originally Posted by Pedernal View Post
Have not gone in to scout but scoped from the highway; lots of does on the south fence line area 5... Bugs are killer with all the grass out there. Not to mention ticks crawling around every where...

Did you find the tin you were looking for? I know your asking on a different thread but I would be interested in trading some hard labor for a fishing trip. Let me know.
Gross, man I'm seriously not a fan of ticks AT ALL. That's another reason why I wait til later in the season. Bugs and snakes lol.

No I haven't found any tin sources so I may just have to buy new. There's one up North that I might be able to scavenge on a trip to Dallas but that won't be for a few weeks. You're welcome to come down any time, we just might do more fishing and hunting than working LOL. It's dove season down there and the island is literally covered in sunflowers, saw a few birds last trip but not a lot flying because anywhere they drop they're in sunflowers and there are no hunters kicking them up. Duck season starts in November. I'm ordering some lights to setup at night on the jetty but probably don't need them. Last trip the Reds and Black Drum were swarming on the surf side of the POC big jetty so we just walked a little out and caught them on paddle tails, have to weed through huge skipjack on every cast to get them but they were under the school of skippies.

Oh yeah and these guys:

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