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Default Velvet Elvis....

Steven Leggett

~The Definition of a VE~

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The VE or Velvet Elvis is Bowhunting's highest honor. The inspiration for the award came from a velvet antlered buck affectionately known as "Elvis" that was repeatedly photographed by Breck "Deerslayer" Nolen in his backyard. As far as any of us know, Elvis was never harvested and like his namesake, he may still be alive. For historical record, the idea first emerged on this sacred board on July 6th, 2002 on or about 1:42PM.

In order to merit the award one must achieve the following:

  1. Take a game animal or predator using archery tackle.
  2. Take a tasteful (hopefully) LDP or "layin' down pic" of the animal or bird (exotics count, but please no raccoons, armadillos, skunks or horny toads!).
  3. Register and share the story on the internet's premier bowhunting discussion board,
  4. Share the story in a timely fashion (last year's harvests are not eligible).
  5. Story must come from the actual hunter (with occasional exceptions for kids).
  6. Story must be nominated for the award three times by ANY registered user of the FSOG (Fabled Screen of Green).
  7. ANY registered user is qualified to bestow the award but it is recommended that you watch a few "veterans do it before you dive in.

Q: Is there a monetary or physical award?

A: No, you already have your award, hopefully it is on the way to a qualified taxidermist.

Q: Why should I care about a dumb ol' semi fictitious award?

A: This is Texas, it's just plain good manners.

Q: What if I think I deserve an award but I have not got one yet?

A: Chances are you are short a nomination that should be forthcoming or you may have not met all the criteria (please review).

Q: Is the award exclusive?

A: It is exclusive in that it only applies to archery.

Q: If I don't get a VE right away does that mean I'm not part of some secret society or clique?

A: No, Elvis thrives on heaping praise on the good people who comprise the ever-expanding universe of but this is a big site. Just like with bowhunting, patience is a virtue.

Q: I live on a ranch that is blessed with tons of game. Should I go on a killin' spree to make myself look like an accomplished hunter on the Internet?

A: Uh, no.

Note: The VE Award Staff reserves the right to amend or make exceptions to the rules at any time.
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