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Originally Posted by topshot View Post
As always troy, you are on them! Thanks for the report. One did you get your spypoint link micro To send you pics? Mine quit after the trial period. I havent set up the replacement yet...using my tacticam instead.
I've had nothing but issues with this SpyPoint. I won't be buying any more; going to be trying Reveal Cams as everything I read about them is positive.

But I guess it's just setup in an area that gets cell signal. The problem is I have the $5/month plan that gives you 250 pictures but I'll get 250 pictures of nothing after like 2-3 days and then I have to wait until the month renews or buy the $10/month plan. I bought the higher plan the other day because my 250 was reached but it still hasn't taken any pictures which isn't normal. So now I'm worried it's not getting a signal (although the app shows that it is) but I've had that problem before.

So all that to say, I was getting signal fine, the app shows it has signal, but I haven't had a picture in a few days so I'm worried it's not getting signal. Very frustrating.
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