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Default Who’d a thunk it?

My nephew is building a plane (experimental aircraft) and needed some Tig welding done. He did a jam up job of cutting, fitting, notching, etc, before I even got there. So my job was easy. He had to build his own chromoly frame cuz he’s going with an engine that hasn’t been used yet. So no pre-made engine frames to order. Which the way this boy is, he’d rather have it that way. Kinda like his uncle (but WAY smarter ) in always inventing one off stuff cuz he wants to do it “his way”. I said all this to say, I never dreamed I’d be welding on a dadgum airplane, welded on tons of weird crap over the years, but this takes the cake! A little nerve-racking honestly. Thinking bout MY welds holding an engine on the front of an airplane however many 1,000 feet above the ground! But, it welded up good, and turned out nice. Been doing this a long time, and I guess there’s always an opportunity for something new! Here’s a few pics... Good Huntin, and God Bless, Rusty
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