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I got back up to our place in Oklahoma this past weekend and checked on the Boss Buck 300lb 3-Way feeder that I put out the first week of January. I expected to find my feeder empty but to my surprise I still had almost 50lbs left in it!!!!

Here you can see the dirty little rascals probing and trying to defeat the CoonHoods.

They picked up what the deer dropped and even stood up and reached inside the feeder tube lip as far as they could to reach a pellet or two but they never were able to hang from the feeder tube or sit on it to take out protein!!!!!

If I hadnít had the CoonHoods installed Iím certain that this 300lbs of protein would not have lasted three weeks.

For those of you concerned that the CoonHoods may scare away or keep your deer from eating, it only took the deer on my place about 10 days to warm up to the new Boss Buck protein feeder. This is the first time protein has ever been fed on our place.
Iíd say that they are pretty comfortable.

My only adjustment at this point is to re-level my feeder (one leg sunk in a soft spot) so that the coons cannot reach the bottom of the hood or tube.

So far the results have been excellent!


Glad to hear the CoonHoods are serving you well! Really appreciate he post and the videos!!!

Thanks again!
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