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Hey TBHers

Hope you all had a great holiday season. 2018 was an interesting year with the main focus of introducing the Coonhood products to the market and informing as many people as possible about what our products do and how they work.

“Like starting a fire with wet wood” is the phrase I have uttered quite a few time over the past year. It has not been an easy road trying to educate the market and spread the word but you guys here at TBH have helped out tremendously!

well 2018 is over and I think the fire has finally began to catch. As We are nearing the end of deer season folks are gearing up for protein and many are making the decision to feed deer this go round rather than the coons. With savings of up to 50% on your protein bill most have discovered the CoonHoods are “no brainers”

I encourage you guys if you are wanting to get CoonHoods for this protein season don’t delay, we are already at about a 3 week backlog and the orders are coming in quickly and (hopefully) will continue into the mid summer months.

If I have not peppered the green screen enough with my posts and you still don’t know what CoonHoods are

please visit

And learn how you can literally cut your protein bill and the trips out to fill feeders in half!!

Thanks again Guys!

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