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Originally Posted by Artos View Post
As you could figure, I have thousands of memories that will come up from time to time and you just reminded me of one.

About 10 years ago we had a call of shooting that had just happened at a Vietnamese residence. I was the sergeant duty and was the first officer to arrive within like less than a minute and was alone. I cautiously made entry into the home and quickly assessed the situation in order to make sure that it was no longer in progress, to secure the scene and direct the incoming unit that were heading in my direction with lights sirens running.

After a quick evaluation I had the units shut down their emergency traffic and have just two officers to respond (to do the paperwork). ��

They arrived a short time later and went into the house but couldn’t find me. They called for me on the radio and I said that I had made my way to the back of the house in the garage.

A couple of months ago one of the officers, now a detective, was telling the story and said that they found me…... eating crawfish ��. They still get a big laugh out of it. They entered the home with hands by their guns waiting for the worst and then found me out back as part of the party.

The family was having a big crawfish boil, an uncle had gotten angry inside of the home and fired a couple of shots into the ceiling and left and the family didn’t want anything done. So, with that settled.......
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