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Default Finally, I get to hunt this cold front...

I missed out on dove hunting this year. I also missed out on opening day bow season. Iíve been hunting for a new job for the past 18 months and finally landed an awesome job that i can work until I retire in 18 years. The search, the interviews, the wait, has been grueling.

Anyways, I finally get to go hunting. When I gave my notice of resignation on Oct 3rd, they said I was done and turned off my email...but Will still pay me until the 11th. I start the new job on the 14.

Iíve just finished the first week of a 2 week paid ďjob vacationĒ and will be hunting Sunday thru Thursday. Iím going to be alone in the woods with nothing to do but hunt. Itís gonna be awesome, itís gonna be checking email and the deer are gonna be blinded sided that someone is hunting them during the week.
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