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Originally Posted by RifleBowPistol View Post
I have two Geissele Match triggers, don't remember the model number, Geissele makes a lot of different triggers. I bought two of the same part number adjustable match triggers. They are some very nice triggers. I have one other brand of trigger, don't remember what it is, but it is surprisingly nice trigger.
I have tried most of the CMC triggers, they make two or three nice triggers, one in particular, that I don't remember what it was called was a very nice trigger. There was a guy set up at multiple gun shows that had many CMC demos. One of the ones he had as a **** nice trigger. I have also tried a trigger called The Gold Trigger or something along those lines, it was a very nice trigger.
Are you trying to see how many times you can say trigger in one post? Lol

Never even heard of velocity. But geiselle is top notch.
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