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I have not hunted a lot since my last post. I had to go to the eye doctor last Friday. He changed up my contacts and my vision has been a little off as my eyes adjust. I have been scouting some and I have a new stand set. I also have done some more trimming on shooting lanes after that huge buck got by me last Wednesday. [emoji3525]

I have only seen 11 deer while in my stand but 5 have been bucks. Most of the local guys I know here don't start hunting until Halloween. If they are taking vacation they take the first two weeks of November.

I have 3 shooters on camera and the big one last Wednesday was a new buck I have not seen on camera. There will probably be some cruiser bucks trolling this river corridor soon. There is still a lot of standing corn which give the deer food and cover in one spot. When more corn is cut and the rut heats up the action should pick up. You got to be in the right spot at the right time and have a little luck to get a shot.

Tapatalk would not let me post pictures unless I got a VIP membership. I got one so let's see if this works.

This evening I am sitting in a creek bottom. There is about 60 yards of Creek bottom between a steep ridge and the river. This is close to where I grunted in a decent 2.5 year old 8 the other evening.

I also posted some pictures from my walk in to this area.

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