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Originally Posted by Grayson View Post
You have a score guesstimate on the big buck from last night? Was he typical or non?
Brock. I am not that good at scoring from pictures or on the hoof, but I am thinking at least 160ish. He was a typical mainframe 10. He might have had some small kickers. A lot of these bucks have kickers around their bases. He has a huge body like some of the ones pictured. When I first saw him step out I thought...I'm not shooting him. It's early. The pre rut is just kicking in. Then I looked at him thru my binos and started to change my mind.[emoji846]

I was in a Game Tamer facing the creek and the alfalfa field. He came from my back side. When I turned around to my right my right arm was right against the tree. To have a shot I was going to have to lean even more into the tree to get to a window thru the trees. I was not comfortable trying a shot.

I am going in there mid day Saturday and rotate the stand around facing the terrace. The deer like to walk alone the terrace between the oat/grass field and the standing corn. I had the stand facing the other direction because I could shoot easily to two scrapes in that direction.

Timm (2050z) is going to try to enhance the pictures I got of the buck with his computer. There was just not enough light left for a good picture.

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