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What works for me is cementum annuli aging. Is it a perfect science, no, but it has not failed me yet. Over the years the results have always come back to what I thought I knew what a specific deer's age was. This past season I killed a buck I was pretty danged sure was a 7 year old. Upon removing the jaw I freaked out a little bit because the teeth were not worn as I expected. The visual made me think 5 and our lease member "age guru" (you know the type) was going on and on saying deer was 4. Even after showing him 5 years of pictures. Don't get me started. Anyways, sent the teeth off and boom, 7 year old. I could go on and on of stories like this. For me CA has not let me down. I am not saying it the be all end all, just saying it works for me and I have come to trust it over tooth wear.
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