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i've built a few ar's ... 556 , 300blk , 9mm , grendel, 6.8spc , 338 specter , 7.62x39.
some short , some long ..

they all have their little corks ..

i've tested half a dozen muzzle brakes on my 16" to find the one that keeps the dot moving the least during the cycle process.

rifle gas length systems are not as finicky as mid or pistol gas systems .

i'm really interested to see how this will perform as an ultralight 20".

i have another lightweight 20" i built years ago with a round carbon fiber handguard
and an aimpoint ... that gun doesn't move at all either and has similar components based on what was available back then... made a video back then from a heli .. forward to 3:06 to 3:30 and you can see that gun doesn't move at all when fired ... the camera is on the gun itself and stays planted perfectly..

pretty much what i'm trying to recreate with this one
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