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So….hearing none…..

The post-report:

If anyone draws this hunt in the future…feel free to dM and I’ll be glad to share some info.

On another note…I’m not sure Id drive 6hrs to pig or deer hunt this SP. I know it’s late Jan, but didn’t see much for deer or pigs while out and about. That includes about 4 hrs across two nights running thermal. The pig hunt that occurred concurrent with the waterfowl draw resulted in zero pigs harvested and only 3 seen.

Nice park, awesome star viewing (it’s a “dark park”), and staff where great.

Worth the drive drive from east Tx to see ducks land next to cactus. Just cool to see and hunt ducks in different places.

Back in east Tx now. Beer offer stands for anyone in east Tx that wants to chase snipe in Feb.

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