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Originally Posted by speck1 View Post
One of my sons is graduating from A&M next month and he took a job in NW Houston. Itís close to 290 and Pinemont Dr. He has never lived in a big city before. I donít know anything about Houston. Is that a decent part of town or should he look for an apartment further out towards Cypress. How bad is traffic on 290 in that area? He wants to live within 20 minutes of work if possible. Any advice would be appreciated.
I grew up at antoine and pinemont..and commuted for work at 290 and antoine for 5 years. The drive in the mornong from cypress is 20 to 30 minutes, afternoon was about 25 minutes. Dont live in the pinemont/290 area, its the hood. Oak Forest is nice but super expensive and is right on the edge of the hood (welcome to screwston). If he is going to be renting an apartment then look in areas like timbergrove or the galleria. I also commuted from the galleria to 290 and antoine and it was like 15 minutes in the moring 25 in the evening. The Washington area isnt bad either and there is a lot for younger folks to do.

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