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Definitely a great race! Max did an awesome job, and definitely deserved the win. Hamilton did a great job climbing back to 2nd place after his spin. Him reversing out of the gravel was great!!

On the restart, when Norris passed LeClerc, I was cheering loud enough to wake everyone!

Bottas & Russell — I feel it was Russell’s fault. He took the wet line to pass Bottas, and over reacted when Bottas moved slightly to the right. When I initially saw Russell go up to Bottas after the accident, I thought he gave him a pat on his shoulder. When they replayed it, the commentators said he slapped his helmet. Very poor sportsmanship in my opinion.

I have heard the same thing regarding Abbott and Liberty Media. I’ll enjoy it as long as it is in Austin, though. And hope that it continues in Austin for many more years. They spent a LOT of money to build that track for the sole purpose of bringing Formula 1 back to the US.
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