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Default 2021-2022 Deer Lease

Currently in search for a Deer Lease for the 21-22 season.
Lease max price I am looking for is $3,500 cash in hand. I strictly bow hunt only, havenít hunted with a rifle in 16 years.
Little bit about myself: I am 28 years old I have a 9 year old daughter and a 3 year old son and am engaged. None will be hunting (until my son gets of age) but may come to the lease with me to hang out.
I am a extremely experienced hunter have hunted all over Texas from the Canadian river in the panhandle to Hebronville in the south Texas brush country to the tall pines of East Texas all the way to the arm pit of West Texas close to Pecos.
Really open to any area of Texas as long as it is managed correctly and has a good family environment. It can be a small piece of property for just my family or a existing lease with openings that we can join. If anybody has any leads please feel free to PM me.

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