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Originally Posted by cbd10pt View Post
We build what I consider a very good roof.
The following is what I would do on my house or my mama's house.
1 remove shingles
2 check deck for soft spots or improper nailing
3 "Very important " use ice and water shield at all valleys crickets and chimneys. ice and water Shield seals around the nails whereas metal flashing does not
4 make sure chimneys have a cricket
5 install synthetic felt
6 install Starter
7 Install shingles, 6 nails per shingle, hand driven, Electro galvanized or stainless. Hot dip galvanized have Jagged edges and can allow shingles to tear.
8 now's the time to deal with proper venting.

I would be happy to give you a bid, but whomever builds your roof make sure they follow these specs.

Charles 832 654 8201 owner @ Competitive Designs
I agree with this process.

Iíll add Malarkey makes a really good shingle. I have an acquaintance in DFW that wonít sell Malarkey because of their durability and longevity, makes it difficult to get repeat business, they just hold up well.

I DESPISE GAF shingles. I was on a roof this week that had GAF timberline. Roof was 5 years old, and Iíve been on 20 year old roofs with less delamination
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