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Originally Posted by rtp View Post
Good question. My take is they serve a purpose in treating symptoms caused by underlying problems. I have several friends that tell me they have the greatest chiropractor in the world. They go see him once a week and he fixes them up. They will never go address the true root cause of their problem(s). I just shake my head at them. I do think at some point their chiropractor should tell them they need to go get their real problem fixed instead of just soaking them for money each week for years on end.

Good luck to you on your journey and I hope you do great in your chosen profession.
This is my take too for spinal issues.

However...tremendous help in massaging a newborns childs flipped stomach. Truly works to remedy cholickyness, vomiting, increasing amount of breast milk consumption, sleeping through the night. Some newborns need one visit, some need several.

Good luck Holub.

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