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Originally Posted by RyHolub View Post
Good Morning GS.

I am halfway through chiropractic school and I am curious to see how people feel about chiropractors/ good and bad experiences/ why you go to them or why you won’t. I know some might just say they’re “quacks” and while I’ve met some, I don’t believe they represent the profession as a whole. If you don’t mind and have the time, give me your take please.

Thank you!

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Good to great experiences for me. I have had over 6 different bulging discs, tingling in arms/feet, little to no fluid between some discs, and a thinning of the hole in my spine where my spinal cord is housed. I live with daily pain in my back. Without periodic Chiro care I would be in unbearable pain that would impact my day to day life. I know when it's time to go for an adjustment and every time they are able to get me fixed up even though sometimes I will have to make several trips pending how bad I have let things get out of control. Results have varied from better digestion, less headaches, to restored strength in my extremities, and everything in between.

I will say that some outfits just want to run you through any type of PT possible for a money grab so find out what PT works for your or if it is even needed beyond an adjustment. Typically an adjustment once/twice a month with some weight lifting in between works just fine for most.
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