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Originally Posted by Das71198 View Post
I ordered some of the Royal cup signature tea & it arrived today. I am going to make some here shortly. I got 100 tea bags & each bag makes 1 gallon of tea.
Originally Posted by SaltwaterSlick View Post
Same here only I got mine Saturday. I made a gallon of sun tea. My recommendation is to cut it back to about 3 1/2 quarts. I felt like the gallon was a little weak. The taste was right just not strong enuf to mimic the Buc-ees flavor.
This thread got burried too far to respond on my phone.
I did get mine in, and made a gallon. I think the only way you can order it is in the 100 count of big bags, like we all got. I made it on the stove, like normal. Two quarts of water, brought to a boil, cut it off, drop in tea bag and let it soak for 15ish minutes. 1/2 cup of sugar for the gallon and it was pretty dang close to the mix I do at Buccee's.

Tina is scared to drink it because all the tea bags are just in that big plastic bag. She thinks it's infected with Covid ... I guess I've got 99 more gallons of tea to drink!
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