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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
Just cut a 250 gallon tank to make a fire pit and a big feeder. Don't ever beleive a tank is empty, even when the Guage says it is, lol. Started removing one of the valves and gas was leaking out so decided to remove the whole valve before my wife pulled in the driveway and ignited something. Had a face shield welding gloves and a Arctic gun case between me and the valve. When that valve came off it felt like a horse kicked the gun case into my chest and the valve shot out a hundred yards from where the tank was. Of course our nest camera caught it all on video. Ended up filling it full of water and all was good. I too used a cut off wheel on a grinder, but I drained the tank by drilling a hole on the opposite side of the valve before I cut the tank.
Poop in pants event!

Glad you are ok Russell, that could have turned out pretty nasty.
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