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Originally Posted by Jaybo31 View Post
The seasoning process on BS website is spot on.

Here's what I did
1. Clean real good with soap and scrub pad to get oil off. Rinse well and dry
2. Heat up griddle and coat with flax seed oil. Thin layer, no puddles as that will cause bubbles.
3. Heat until its smoking and do not turn off until it stops smoking. This is crystalizing the oil and bonding it to the metal.
4. Once it stops smoking turn off and let cool.
5. Repeat this 3-4x
6. Cook bacon. Lots of bacon

Once this is done cleaning after cooking is simple. Wipe off food, some may have to use a scraper to get off but it comes off easy. Wipe down with EVOO and cover. If I'm not going to use for a bit I will put a layer of saran wrap on the flat top to keep moisture off. No rust yet.

Join the Blackstone griddle owners page on FB.

I bought mine a couple weeks ago and love it.

I will say this, the hole in the end of the grease slot is in a weird spot and the grease will run out and back under and miss the tray. They make an extender or I just added a piece of foil to mine to extend it a little.

Great stuff here^^^^. Thanks for sharing. I will check out the FB page also
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