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Default Deer relocation after anthrax

After our ranch, located along highway 189 in Sonora was impacted by anthrax a couple of years ago we had a much small deer herd than prior to the outbreak. We have seen the population increase over the last year but still several 3 to 5 years before back to normal. We were fortunate to work with a biologist and work through TPWD to get a TTT permit and relocate doe onto the ranch. This last weekend we brought in 40 doe from Tilden texas and released on site . All 40 made it alive! Our hope is to bring the ranch back to normal sooner while also improving the genetics by bringing south texas deer into Sonora. The biologist we used has relocated over 700 deer to the affected areas of the last couple of years. Only time and mother nature will tell how successful we will be.

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