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Originally Posted by Blackmouth View Post
Good luck, it is a shame you couldn't get a better deal with the seed company right in your own back yard.

MBS Seed is out of Denton.

Originally Posted by hooligan View Post
Tried to use the site you posted but it won’t let me register. Guess I’m gonna have to go to Turner

Mbs prices aren’t very good

There’s no better game than Green Cover Seed if you want a custom mix. Their calculator takes your zip code, planting date, termination date, crop coming after, and top 3 goals to custom design options for you and adjust the percentages automatically.

The price is unbeatable as well.
I got 86lbs (for 2 acres) of 11 species shipped to my door for a total of 143.00

I would give them a call if you are having issues with their site, because it really is worth it.

Now, this won’t be a “magazine pretty” plot. I’ve got all kinds of heights, leaf shapes, root structures and such. I did manually put crease the peas and bean percentages in the mix so they would dominate some.

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