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Default Educate me- adult beginner acoustic guitar

Ok. Retired in Montana. House is close to finished (or close enough). I want to learn to play the guitar.

What should I be thinking for a 1st guitar? Looking at Craigslist Iím afraid I donít know enough to buy a used one not knowing what I donít know.

Thereís a music store in Bozeman, Iím sure they have beginner guitars/ packages.

Should I be thinking Ďget a less expensive one, see if I can figure it out, and if I do sell it and buy a better oneí?

Or find a used better guitar?

My grandson visited this weekend and Papa pulled his old (old) accordion and figured out how to play ĎThe wheels on the busí. 50+ years after lessons. Then I found sheet music of Ripple by Jerry Garcia which Iíve been figuring out. Sounds a lot like a mix of a Dead concert and a polka party.

Save me from the accordion

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