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10 years ago, you could usually find a ranch that had a package deal, usually around $1,000. This included a hard horned exotic, ram, and at least two pigs. This would be a 4 day hunt. I would say if you tried to find this now, you're looking at easily more than double that price.
Even finding a place to shoot a hard horned exotic under $2k is rare, and I think I've only seen like one ranch that still does a package.
I used to remember seeing a lot of out of state hunters posting in this forum. But by the time you include travel + the hunt, you're usually coming in around $3k. That's a lot for what it is. Then, like someone else mentioned, it seemed like a new ranch would come along, get rave reviews the first couple hunts, then they'd book up solid for a few months...but never restocked the animals. After 6 months to a year, it was pretty obvious the hunting was poor. I think that's why you only read about a few now, they found a way to keep stocking animals.
We used to come down every year or two. This past spring, we came for the first time in probably 5 years. For us, it came down to variety. I can do bear, antelope, whitetail, etc for that price or less. I love the Texas hunt, but it's hard at 3xs what I used to pay.

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