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There were fewer people in the world. Herbicides like round up are a must in today’s ag. I have quite a bit of first hand experience. The majority of people who are employed in this industry or have REAL WORLD experience will agree. The cost of production without GMO’s would price the majority of the worlds inhabitants from eating.

I understand where you guys are coming from but I respectfully disagree.
I am interested in your perspective as I gather you are involved in ag.Couple questions:
What is the largest use of agricultural products grown in the U.S. for? Human consumption or animal feed? And why?

How much produce never makes it to human consumption because the problem is not production but rather the delivery system?

What is the nutritional density as measured by brix count of GMO products vs non GMO?

I am not a zealot by any stretch but I am also involved with ag and believe the current system is unsustainable for many reasons whereas there are simpler more elegant approaches being developed today that will be far more productive for all .
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