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Default my last post on TBH

As a 10 point!!!! P&Y club, here I come!!! Iím ready for the handshakes, access to the secret & deleted threads and other cool stuff.
But firstÖ. man where do I begin. There are some great people around here. I think Iíve only met about 10 of you in person, but the outpouring of support when someone needs help is amazing. I stumbled upon TBH while googling a broadhead I was thinking about using and found a Ragin thread where he had done some testing on it. Then I lurked for a few months during the summer/fall of 2012 and what I saw during that time was simply amazing. The outpouring of love to a couple of families of TBH members that had just passed was awesome. I then realized the company I was in and decided to join and be a part of something great. Sure, things have changed a lot in the 7 years I have been around, lots of good people have come and gone, but overall itís still a great campfire to be around. Iíve laughed, Iíve cried, prayed for people I donít know, prayed for their families, bought some cool stuff, donated $$ to people I don't know, learned some new techniques, and even won a cooler from Bison (Thanks again Bison Coolers!!). Maybe one day Iíll catch up with Smart on postsÖ.. or maybe not.

Iíll leave you with some observations & knowledge I have gained in the last 7 yearsÖ..
Learned the best solution for a Catahoula with a temperament problem
Learned not to gut a deer at WalmartÖ.. actually I think I already knew that.
Learned what to do when I run out of corn but have some gravel handy
Followed along as an elephant escape near Centerville became an epic hunt
Welcome to the forum posts are typically about 1-2 pages, unless you love Turkey, then 20
Learned not to buy a Dodge in Dalllas
I always look for stickers on white jeeps, but havenít seen one yet
Learned there are a lot of facts about cats
Sometimes people see really large fawns
Still waiting on those bigfoot pics
There are pink roosters.
Rage makes the best broadhead
A 6.5 cm will kill anything
Given the opportunity, donít mount a bobcat, but do kick a javi!
How long was the rattlesnake for real?
Did he ever catch that copper thief?
Always SSS
A 278 inch deer is huge!
Only about 20% of people on a hunting forum actually hunt
Only about 5% of people on a bowhunting forum actually bowhunt
Blakeís Chili mix & Boudin mix are the real deal!
When you see a guy trotting into a Lowes bathroom, donít walk, but run away!
Don't get snipped
Donít get on a stickers list ever again
We are all doctors, lawyers, accountants, game wardens & psychiatrist when someone asks a question
Bear Grylls swings from feeders, but real bears end up in the newspaper
There is more than one way to make holy water
I donít think anyone wants the SKS
Threads always need pics

And because someone will ask since no one knows about the search feature...
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