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Default Feeder Pen Question

I had been having an infestation of javelina on my feeder. I have them on camera where they even attack the does. I mean 20-25 at time. Lots of them. So a few weeks ago i installed 10 hog panels around my feeder which is in thick brush. As noted in the other threads thats about a 50' diameter pen. I thought that would be plenty. There are about 3 good trails that lead up to the pen.

After 2 weeks, i went to check how it had held up and low and behold there was alot of corn under the feeder which meant that nothing had gone in to eat it.

My questions are these:

1. Do the deer eventually get used to the pen and go in? Does it take time for them. if so, how long?

2. should i make the pen larger?

Today i went and put in an Apple Crush with 3 apples to maybe entice them in. Maybe that will work. Thoughts?
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