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Originally Posted by Man View Post
Do I need to watch the first Rambo movies to understand this one?
You probably only ďneedĒ to watch the first one. But a couple of the others are definitely worth your time.

First Blood - pure awesomeness. One of the best movies ever. Also the only book I ever read because I wanted too. Everything else was assigned in school or recommended by someone else. The story should have ended here. Only 1 person actually dies in the entire movie.

Part 2 - It was alright. Iíve seen it 1000 times and will still watch it again. No where near as good as the first though. Much less plot, and more cool stuff for killing bad guys. And he kills lots of em.

Part 3 - Hot Garbage. Saw it twice, canít bring myself to watch it again... ever.

Rambo - lots of bloody killing. Story line was crap, but the action was good. Definitely worth a watch... or 100.

I canít wait to see the last one. I go to maybe 3 movies a year, and this will definitely be one of them. Iím a huge Rambo fan. First Blood is one of my desert island movies for sure. And, for the record, everyone he kills has it coming in a bad way. Heck, he even lets some of the biggest turds live in the first 2.
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