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Default ****Rules For The Classifieds****

1. Do not police the pricing of items. It is not up to you to tell the seller that their price is too high, or that the product is available elsewhere at a lower price. It IS acceptable to make an offer or negotiate with the seller, but making a public statement about the product being available somewhere else at a lower price is not acceptable.

2. No selling items for other people. The line of communication between buyer and seller should be direct. If you post the product, you should be the contact for purchasing the item. No redirecting to other sites.

3. Personal use only. The Classifieds forum is intended for regular members to buy and sell personal items. It not intended for commercial (i.e. Owners, Dealers, Representatives or anyone associated with businesses), nor excessive personal use. Any post appearing to be from of a business, from a member that only posts in the Classifieds forum, or excessive Classifieds posts will be removed subject to the Moderator/Administratorís judgment. This includes items made for the specific reason to sell. An Associate Sponsorship is available for a fee to members wishing to sell their hobby or homemade items.

4. Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware. The items sold in the classifieds are in no way, shape, or form associated with Any transactions are personal transactions between two individuals. If there is a problem with the product, the payment, or receiving said items, take it up with the individual. Do not contact TexasBowhunter to solve these issues.

Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in immediate infractions that will result in loss of classifieds privileges, and perhaps loss of forum privileges.
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