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Default Sons first turkey. (Pics and story included)

It doesn’t get much better then this. We have been trying for a few weeks to get him a Turkey. It almost didn’t happen because I was under the impression we could only harvest a male turkey. Well, 4 hens came in and we regrettably had to pass. After they left, I double checked the Texas hunting laws and realized I was wrong and that hens could be taken in the fall season. Dad of the year. [emoji849] I was so bummed and beating myself up pretty good. (Champ is the sweetest, He reassured me it was ok and that some more would come out.) So, we stayed ready and positive and sure enough, 20 minutes later a parade of 20 turkeys came in. He had trouble deciding which one and almost waited too long, as they were starting to leave. He finally settled on one and fired. In a cloud of feathers, the bird went down immediately. After some hootin and hollering, he jumps out to go retrieve it. He gets half way to it and the dang thing jumps up like it was just perfectly fine and runs off!! I luckily was coming up behind him with the shotgun. Champ was pleading, “get him Dad, please!” I take off running like I was in my prime, slow him down with one shot, then chase him some more and with my last shell, finish him off for good. High fives and laughs and hugs all around. He (we) couldn’t have been happier. It was a great day in Gods creation. Anyone have any Wild Turkey recipes!??

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