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Originally Posted by Ruttin&Struttin View Post
Most manufacturers make an 80lb model. Personally, I'd go to different shops and find out what manufacturers they carry. Shoot all of their 70lb bows and make a decision based on that knowing an 80lb bow will be a bit harder to pull than the 70s. I've only ever shot 80+ over the last 20+ years. That said, a fast 70lb bow can easily keep up with a slower 80lb bow. If you find a fast IBO 70 it may perform as well as a slower IBO 80 while still being a little easier to draw.
What's your DL? Switching to a thumb release from a trigger release will likely lengthen your draw length. Adding inches to your draw is usually an easier way to pick up speed. An inch of draw is probably equivalent to a few pounds of draw weight.
Good luck with your decision and keep us posted what you go with.
This is helpful. I am currently at 28.5 draw length (maxxed out) on my HTX, and shoot a tension release.

The other issue I am finding is finding anyone that has a lefty in stock.
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