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Default 80 lb Draw Weight bows?

I am looking for a bow, and want to go to a 80 lb draw weight. I have to research a bit before going to the bow shop so I know what I am getting into. I want to understand the very basics before I got to the bow shop, and Google has not been very helpful in my searches.

Does anyone make an 80 lb draw weight bow that is light enough to be carried through the elk woods?
Do I have to go to aftermarket limbs to get there?
What does it do to the life of the bow?
Does one company make a better bow to modify than others? I am preferential to Mathews, but I hold no loyalty to any company.
What else should I consider?

My end game is to shoot a 500 gr arrow out to 100 yards. I don't plan to shoot at animals that far, but for target practice, nothing makes a 70 yard shot easier than practicing at 80 yards. And my current HTX, while it works for that shot, it maxxed around 80 yards.
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