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And Hoggslayer, he did tell me that this thing is so balanced, that if the motor portion did break off, it would be tail heavy, and not glide at all. Comforting. Oh well, it does have a fuselage mounted parachute that can be deployed if things ever got that bad. But he said the plane might not be in too good of shape! Course I told him “at least you would be!!” In reality though, in the way he designed the frame, most every weld is in compression. Not to mention his motor he’s using is 100 lbs lighter than the typical Rotax engine used in this type plane. But his frame is engineered/built for an engine as heavy, or more, than the traditional Rotax that’s usually used. He just text me and said “empty” weight will be 800 lbs. And I’ll get more CORRECT info as I hear it. So don’t take everything I’m telling ya as gospel, cuz I ain’t the builder! But he calls/texts me a lot asking opinions on different ideas. Last problem conquered was a push/pull throttle linkage that needed to be a 3:1 ratio. Got that taken care of as well. Even though it’s all up to date, EFI, etc. He wanted a good Ol manual throttle for super finite control of what was going on. It also had to have an opposing spring setup to combat the throttle body spring cuz it would’ve been way too stiff to operate. More info as I think of it, and when he tells me of updates. Good Huntin, and God Bless, Rusty
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